1. How To Fly

From the recording Wash It All Away

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How To Fly

You always say that my grass is greener
I just love the grass I’ve got
And I know that you don’t believe me
But I think that its worth a lot

Chorus All of my love wasn’t ever gonna be enough
And all of that time wasn’t wasted
Cause I learned how to fly
Didn’t I

I’m just a rock that keeps on rolling
Don’t worry love I’ll find my own way home
When the sunshine sets on this find day
I’ll be sitting on my porch singing Hallelujah


Mid 8 I know it feels like I don’t care anymore
But I waited so long for ya
When the right mind comes
And you know what you’ve got to do
You shouldn’t turn around and waste it.

I’d like to see you sometime soon again
Hold you once and say goodbye
Let you know I got no bad feelings for ya
Think about you just a making me smile