From the recording Wash It All Away

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Used To Fly Alone

Take your time she said
I know it’s no easy for you my friend
I’m falling and I’m calling your name
But I don’t feel the sun
I can feel the rain coming
It just keeps on coming don’t you see.

Im raising up my consciousness
Get ready to fly
You know the rhythm’s just a dream
But it’s enough to get high
I go to a place beyond
Separation and time
It seems to me a miracle
But know I find

I used to fly alone X 3

Remember who you are now little one
Be what you are, what you’ve become
There’s nothing but love here
She said it again
There’s nothing but love
For this is the rain that washes you clean
For this is the pain that reclaims you


Easy now, you can release the shame
She’s beckoning with open eyes
To what remains
And I don’t see a way to trust
Though something here just calms my fuss
Feeling lighter, feeling brighter
But never tame, a wild one now, I shall remain.