From the recording Wash It All Away

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The Right Time’s Not Coming

With these eyes I see you now
The light is shining from you
I hear the truth upon your lips untied
And all my prayers answer
Oh fall the loving arms await you now
Let your heart do the talking
See how it feels now that you are free
Cause you’ve got this one.

Ch1: And its all just in a dream
Till you say just what you mean
And the writings on the wall
Till you stand up and be counted
There’s only one.

Ch2: The right time’s not coming X3

When you’re scared to leave the safety
But you do
You do it and you come out fighting
Given to the that one in you that knows
Just what to do
You feel it right to the core
Ah! You a braver soul than e’r was I
And now you look so fine